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When you had a different schedule than peter you'd always cycle to school. He could tell how hurt you were, by the way your voice cracked after every statement, how you still unknowingly held onto his boutonnière, and how you could hardly look him in the eyes.

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Steve rogers, bruce banner, tony stark, clint barton, loki laufeyson, thor odinson, peter parker, bucky barnes, pietro maximoff, vision, and stephen strange.

Peter parker imagines you get hurt. “i know you don’t trust me, i don’t blame you. You didn’t deserve anyone better. The team brought you for motivation and because they didn’t know what you would do if you were left alone.

The second peter felt your presence, he knew that something. They’d come for you to get to me.” “who peter? When a fire breaks out in a nearby building and with neither the emergency services or your boyfriend peter anywhere to be seen, you decide to rush into the flames yourself to save the children trapped inside.

When tony first brought peter over, you felt an instant connection to him. “i’m safe with you peter. I don’t own any gifs.

Gif cred goes to owner. Don’t worry.” you smile, wiping his tear away. When the bell rang for lunch , i was the first to leave.

You shook your head and smiled, trying to get a spoonful of. The room was quiet for a few moments, making you feel awkward. Imagine being deathly afraid of spiders and asking peter to kill one for you.

Swearing, angst, hurt!reader, hurt!peter, jealous!peter, and maybe some fluff. He just gave you a look, as you rolled your eyes at him. You got up from your spot in the library, ned in tow.

Part 3 will be posted on her account. Meeting peter as a member of the guardians of the galaxy would. When you went to germany, you ended up spending a lot of time together.

0.4k “peter,” you shrieked from the bathroom. You could have told me you found someone.” peter looked into your eyed with a look of disbelief and sorrow. You were really stressed now and you could feel the tears coming on, you had to get some fresh air and clear your head.

He would always catch you before you fell, and he would seldom even let you be around any sharp objects. You shook your head, sitting next to the bed. “hey, are you okay?” you hear someone ask and you look up to see peter parker.

But you sure wish you did. Peter was waiting for me by the lockers. In return you gave him a sad smile, thanking him for his attempt.

“please y/n, you know me. You wanted to get home fast, so you accelerated your speed, but missed a hole in the street and fell from your bike, hitting the concrete hard. Peter plays hero, but not in any battles.

You buried you head in his chest, letting the tears you’d been holding back. Peter approached you, taking you in his arms and holding you. Hell, you didn’t even think you deserved peter parker.

The moment you felt the excruciating pain in your right arm, you knew it. For some reason the science teacher decided that these papers needed to get to the chemistry teacher but he's lazy to get them there himself. You actually were crying now.

Peter looked over to you, grabbing your hand in his. An argument between you and peter leads to others getting involved in your business and ellie gives you some unexpected news. What could you have possibly done to have pissed people off?

Collaboration with my good friend, @rosaliestark01. Like every student in the us they look forward to friday. You walk outside and hide around a corner, putting your head in your hands, sliding down the wall.

You saw the last bit of hope fizzle from his eyes as defeat weighed down on him, causing his shoulders to sink and his head to drop. “i hate seeing you hurt.” a tear slides down his cheek, making you tear up as well. You cleaned the blood off of him, before inspecting the rest of him.

More swearing than usual, angst, violence. “never fails to get me, this scene,”. “you deserve better,” he smiled, making an attempt at cheering you up.

You know you could have let tony blow the base so you didn't have to get hurt. you blurted, your voice a little stern. Peter wants to help you but he doesn’t trust your new friend. I’m not telling you for your own sake.” he motions toward his face, “you’ll get hurt.

You play double agent while the avengers search for you. I had plans with peter to have a sleepover and a movie night. Swearing (most likely), angst, jealousy, a/n:

Never again,” peter’s eyes were watering up again. Peter parker needs a hug; “i don’t want you to get hurt again.

You took his arm and dragged him into the bathroom, setting him down on the side of the bathtub, getting a towel, and getting it wet under the sink. Squishy tummy • peter parker. Peter crosses the room then, his voice breaking as his hands find the sides of your face.

Peter knew how to make you laugh at anytime, and you could talk to him about anything you wanted. You knew it wasn’t true. You asked, raising your eyebrows.

Peter parker/tom holland imagines & oneshots just your friendly neighborhood spiderman cover by @vamprid {highest fanfic ranking #100} started on. “you’re my life, if i lost you, i would lose myself.” he smirks. Peter and yn plan a movie night causing peter to use her as a body pillow.

Only when it embarrasses you. you said, smiling. “i still make sure you get home safely.

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