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So like, you literally have no relationship with any boys. Brother!spiderman and sibling!reader) life was awkward at the best of times.

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You awkwardly have to admit what the marks really are and then your father (clint) finds out and gets protective.


Peter parker x reader protective. Because he’ll go all protective father mode. The other side of peter. Over protective (peter parker) you had just finished looking yourself up and down in the mirror for the 100th time when you finally headed down the stairs to be greeted by a huge grin from your father.

However, no one ever notices her. You returned back to the avengers tower after spending the night at peter’s house. Could i get an imagine where the reader is the youngest avenger and the men constantly fight over who is the better father figure.

This request is kind of funny, hope you enjoy! Hey, i love your writings! The first halfway decent guy in the galaxy (y/n) has met happens to be a disaster of a human being, peter parker.

You and peter give your dad a heart attack warnings: You slowed your breathing, becoming one with the situation. If you want a few quick reads instead of starting a novel, this is the book for you.

Can you write a peter parker x reader where they meet in the final battle in endgame and she’s, like, captain marvel. Please could you do hcs for dating trans!peter parker? Your reflexes kicked in instantly.

Saints (peter parker x stark!reader) summary: Peter starts to date tony stark’s daughter and the iron man isn’t sure he’s liking it…well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. He faces many struggles, including but not limited to:

Whenever you get the chance can you do a peter parker x reader where the reader is tony stark’s daughter and doesn’t know that they are dating but some of the other avengers start to find out. 227 pages · 238,004 reads. You will find romance, drama, humour and everything in between.

This book is containing a handful of marvel characters and actors x reader short stories, one shots if you like. Peter parker is overprotective with reader. None of the gifs i use are mine!

Avengers x reader, peter parker x reader. I’ve never wrote headcanons or about a trans character before so i would really appreciate some feedback <3 i actually had a lot of fun writing these, i hope you enjoy them too :d tags and requests are open 🙂 Published december 17, 2018 · updated july 13, 2020.

And like you’ve never had a boyfriend. Peter’s known as the shy, sweet and endearingly awkward boy by everyone. This was very fucking stupid and idk whats going on w my.

I love over protective uncle tony lmao. Language, suggestive content, fluff edited: He left you a few reminders of.

Sighing as you dialled the numbers to your uncles mobile, you were already beginning to regret this decision as you raised the phone to your ear. Won’t ever know (peter parker x reader) summary: Cue surprised avengers, tony matchmaking and very, very, possessive & protective peter.

You and peter always have one last kiss before he leaves. #sophs blurbs #peter parker #peter parker fanfic #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker imagines #peter parker imagine #peter parker x reader #peter parker x reader insert #peter parker fluff #peter parker oneshot #peter parker blurb #peter parker blurbs #stark!reader Peter smiles at me, shaking his head softly before a soft scoff escapes his lips.

Except for peter, that is. Peter clicks around on the screen, before putting himself back in the game lobby and walking over to me. You focused intently, your fingers firmly gripping the gun as you aimed it towards the target.

But even then tony keeps an eye on you two. Just as you were about to pull the trigger, a hand tapped your shoulder. I wanted to write something else than batfam or dc related for once sooooooo…here’s a peter parker story yo.

Pe ter par ker wo uld inc lud e… pride prompt #10 (trans!peter x reader) request: Peter parker fic peter parker fanfic peter parker x reader peter parker x you peter parker x rogers!reader rogers!reader peter parker x avengers!reader peter parker x avenger!reader avenger!reader avengers!reader peter parker fluff peter parker angst peter parker imagine peter parker blurb peter parker oneshot peter parker request 262 notes apr. A series of tom holland and peter parker x reader one shots.

Reader is drop dead gorgeous by his standards and one of the smartest girls in his grade. Peter starts off the story watching over reader as she sits in her room because its been a slow night and peter wants to keep her safe. Because peter is apart of the avengers.

So when you and peter confessed your undying love for each other. You couldn’t believe you were resorting to this, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Unfortunately, both of their guardians are more than a little protective of them.

Credit goes to the original creators! I smile up at peter as he flops down on the bed beside me, running his hand over his face.

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