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It is pleasingly colored, being yellowish with 7 or 8 broad black bars that cross the back and stop about midway down the sides and a black tailtip. Located primarily in northern africa, these animals are a new comer to the reptile community with very little research into them.

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Like many skinks, these guys are burrowers and love to hide in the sand choosing to come out to hunt for food and peak around their environment.


Peter's banded skink breeding. They are often confused with a common sandfish, some even call them a giant sandfish. Thank you reptiles n critters ! Peter’s banded skink (scincopus fasciatus) is a newcomer to the trade that has arrived from northern africa in just the past couple years.

Peter's banded skinks, scincopus fasciatus, are a monotypic species of the genus scincopus which are. Hey y’all, we have recently added a peter’s banded skink to our collection and he seems to be acting pretty normal. Light yellowish orange body with 8 black to dark brown horizontal patches from head to tail tip.

The peter’s banded skink is a desert species of skink that has only been successfully bred in captivity twice. A 20 gallon long enclosure or 30 gallon breeder is necessary for a growing skink. Bedding peter’s banded skinks like to dig in loose substrate, such as exo earth and exoterra natural sand.

Young skinks up to about 6 months of age can be housed in a 20 gal long enclosure or exo terras 18 x 18 x 12. I’ve been gone for about a week and my girlfriend sent me a picture of him and his legs are very. You may house young skinks together, but they will need extra hides to have their own space.

A male (bruce) and female (sheila) peter’s banded skink these are still very rare in the reptile community but are amazing and calm pets they come in their large black vivexotic vivarium with desert and forest habitat as little is still known about these from the wild complete with all heating and lighting, hides and substrate Not very many of them around in the pet trade, they are an amazing species to keep. Scincopus fasciatus (peter's banded skinks) post by scincus » thu jan 19, 2017 4:47 am

These inquisitive skinks, about the size of a leopard gecko, can make great pets with the right care. Currently i have the proper substrate with a uth and a uvb bulb up top. Trooper the peter's banded skink.

Topics may be anything to. It averages about 5 to 7 inches in total length and inhabits the arid stretch of grasslands known as the sahel, below the sahara desert. So floor space is more important than height in your enclosure.

I placed an order at the first of the week and received it by thursday my lizards were healthy and ready to move in to the new home and they ate right away ! Ocellated skinks (chalcides ocellatus) peter's banded skinks (scincopus fasciatus) sandfish (scincus scincus) i am currently trying to breed my ijs, zebra skinks, and ocellated skinks. They need length rather than height in their enclosure.

I have been trying to research as much as i can about these but have difficulty finding any information on the web about them. Peter’s banded skinks are lizards that live on sand. Because of this, they are likely to carry parasites that they caught in the wild.

Dry sandy and rocky areas. The day we got him, he shed and loved his enclosure. We have some rare peters banded skinks for sale at excellent pricing.

In the wild, peter's banded sand skinks spend their time on the ground or living under the sand. I could not be more pleased you rock !!! I however, like to call them the desert version of the blue tongue skink.

Wc peter's banded skink this north african species is just as handlable as any docile blue tongue skink! Peter's banded skinks are relative new comers to the reptile hobby. 86.8k members in the reptiles community.

Any peter’s banded skink you find will be wild caught. For substrate, sand is required as they get very stressed if they do not have it. Sahel desert region in northern africa.

These west african gems resemble huge sandfish lizards, and have a similar diet of various insects. We have not come across an aggressive specimen. $220 is firm price/spent more setting it up.

Peter's banded skinks are an arid species of skink, native to african deserts and savannahs. The sand is important because they dive into it to regulate their body temperature to cool off or evade predators. I just got back from seeing a friend at my local pet store whom gave me a pretty good deal on a mating pair of banded skinks aka scincopus fasciatus.

They tend to become quite tame and will often beg their owner's for treats. Peters banded skink scincopus fasciatus. Updates will be posted here, and any skinks that i decide to sell will be posted here as well.

Feel free to post pictures, information, articles or anything else related to other skink species. It is a heavy bodied burrower that has often been referred to as a giant sandfish—but a sandfish it is not. Peter’s banded skink (scincopus fasciatus) grows to about the size of a husky adult leopard gecko.

It is a newer species to the exotic lizard market and makes for a very calm pet. However he started having some pretty irritated looking toes and legs (kinda red like a rash but looked super irritated). Start slow with your new pet and gradually increase the amount of time you hold it.

Some of the most common parasites seen in these reptiles are hookworms, coccidia, and flagellates. A couple adults can be housed in a minimum of a 36 long enclosure. The sand can be mixed with soil or coconut fiber, but the mixture should contain at least 2/3 sand.

Unfortunately majority of these animals are wild caught which can damage the habitat and ecosystem they are native to.

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