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Other cartoon idiots worth mentioning: We saw how in that episode where the quahog news channel made that april fools joke about the world ending that peter said.

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You better adult swim away, fucker, i'm quahogging the tv!


Homer vs peter who is dumber. Family guy is in many ways a parody of the simpsons, and peter griffin is in many ways a parody of homer simpson. Top 10 worst things the simpsons have done to grampa simpson. But homer was stronger and faster.

The dumber person is the winner, imo. Peter griffin is the father of the griffin family and one of the main characters of the american animated television series, family guy. (37 votes) homer simpson 5%.

Already killed homer in a family guy skit, he even killed the whole family. The dumber person is the winner, imo. Well that's true, peter is much more adept in combat than homer, having fought ernie the chicken a total of four times so far.

Peter is closer to homer in durability than homer is to peter with fighting skill. My children are way better than yours, take my chris versus your little bart. Originally posted by impediment my point exactly.

My explanation for homer is that he's more than simply drunk. Homer simpson’s title as the dumbest enthusiast of doughnuts on television was challenged by the 14 blundering candidates from the apprentice, by jim shelley by jim shelley for mailonline Homer simpson vs peter griffin vs stan smith vs randy marsh.

I'm of the opinion that peter griffin is dumber than homer simpson. Kmc forums > movies > movie discussion > movie versus forum > homer simpson vs peter griffin. Top 10 simpsons who might be dumber than homer simpson.

Homer is more of a victim of his stupidity that often negatively affects his life. Peter and homer were even in durability; In one family guy episode they parodied the fact that homer had crossed the line from ‘goofy regular guy’ to a level of disfunction that would imply some sort of disability or disorder by actually having peter diagnosed as ‘retarded’ (their word, family guy is not exactly politically correct).

In the end, they admit they respect each other, yet agree to stay away from each other. It all builds to a scene in which homer and peter turn on each other, parroting the most common complaints about each other's shows. Poll who is the dumbest cartoon idiot?

Peter is incredibly strong, being able to fight and defeat a genetically modified chicken many times. Peter's stupidity (insanity) has taken him places. While homer and peter have much in common, they do have some differences!

Both peter and homer have their weight and stupidity poked fun at on their respective shows, but homer taunts peter for having more of these two qualities to match his character.) Click up or down to vote on entries! Homer, even though he's also a dumbass for the most part (he has a crayon lodged in his skull) but overall, he's not as bad as peter.

Peter's antics have yielded more success in his personal life in a much shorter period of time. Top 10 sacrifices homer simpson took in the simpsons. But ever since the show got revived and more apparent in recent seasons, peter and every character has become much, much more mean spirited than before.

Family guy best family guy characters peter griffin meg griffin stewie griffin brian griffin mayor adam west glenn quagmire joe swanson watchmojo. Peter's stupidity= adventurously insane success. During the griffins' visit to springfield, homer and peter became best friends, only to end up falling out when duff successfully sued pawtucket patriot ale for intellectual theft and patent infringement.

Hmmm.peter, as he seems the better fighter.and i prefer him. In the end of this battle, you're gonna suck my farts! And no doubt peters dumber, and could drink homer under the table, glen q.

Peter was pretty fast when he played for a professional american football team, but it paled in comparison to pie man’s speed and agility. Peter having the superior healing factor while homer having the better base durability. Bart faked the fall of a boy in a well just for fun causing deep concern to all the citizens, put homer in a coma, purposefully ruined lisa career as a babysitter, faked his kidnapping making marge crawl in pain and milhouse’s father getting arrested just to hide him going to a rap concert, destroyed lisa thanksgiving craft just because his was crap, negated lisa’s lifelong dream to attend yale just to get his girlfriend.

Top 10 monty python’s flying circus moments. Peter has the skills, but homer does have uncanny durability. Top 10 tv characters who got dumber.

Top 10 hilarious homer simpson moments. You've got the brain the size of an acorn and you're even dumber than your baby! Ed from ed, edd and eddy

Yet it would seem that peter himself has a large degree as well. Top 10 sweetest homer & marge simpson moments. For this list, we’ll be examining the most entertaining, enjoyable, and/or popular characters from the animated sitcom “family guy.”.

Top 10 dumbest movie cartoon characters. (homer simpson starts the battle by expressing his amazement at peter griffin for being a character who is more obese and less intelligent than homer. There was no need for peter to be written as a cruel and apathetic to the well being of his family and those around him.

However, i don't think that will be necessary to beat homer. 1 fanon wiki ideas so far 1.1 battles royale 1.2 with the griffins 1.3 battle record 1.4 possible opponents 2 death battle info 2.1 background 2.2 weapons 2.3.

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