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This is a smaller shark that includes seven different species. And like many other sharks, the epaulette will often fast for a few weeks before having a feast.

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They live in deep ocean habitats and would not be suitable for captivity because of the physical characteristics of.


Mini shark fish pet. Keeping these fish is a great way to imagine you have sharks at home without actually having a real shark. Red tail shark for sale 2 to 2and half inch great condition very active that's the reason for sale very territorial trying to rule the whole tank. First acclimate your shark and get it on a regular feeding schedule before introducing any new fish.

While they are a sight to behold in your tank, saltwater aquarium fish do require a degree of maintenance that goes a bit deeper than their freshwater cousins. Like the dwarf lanternshark, the pale catshark is a deep sea fish living at 2148 ft (655 m) in the makassar straits in indonesia. This tiny shark only reaches 8.2 inches (21 cm) at maturity.

Look for the tasseled or ward’s wobbegong to ensure that your pet stays small enough to handle. Order online or in person at our new fishkill, new york aquarium store location. This fish will accept a wide variety of small live foods, such as bloodworms, tubifex worms, daphnia, mosquito larvae and brine shrimp.

Flake, pellets or freeze dried foods. Call or click today to find your next aquarium tank addition at pete’s. The bala shark will initially appear timid when you first introduce them to your tank, but they will get comfortable after a while.

Another shark that can be found in aquarium stores from time to time is the bull shark which is especially unsuitable to keep in aquariums since this is one of the most aggressive sharks there is. Assembled product dimensions (l x w x h) 5.50 x 2.10 x 6.25 inches. It makes them feel safe.

There are, however, smaller shark species within the range of adult shark sizes. Angelfish, glo®fish species in a wide array of colors, tiger barbs and other barbs, south american and african cichlids, an amazing selection of colorful guppies, striking bettas, schooling tetras, and invertebrates like snails, ghost shrimp and hermit crabs. These fish species are of different shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone, irrespective of your aquarium / pond size.

Customized swimming action with articulated tail. An australian shark, the epaulette makes an excellent pet shark because it likes confined spaces. 4,077 likes · 152 talking about this · 419 were here.

The wobbegong has a very slow metabolism, meaning that he only needs to eat twice a week and his exercise consists of hanging out at the bottom of his tank. The bala shark is known as an active swimmer, and they can even jump out of the aquarium. Many marine fish, for example.

The truest small sharks, such as the dwarf lantern shark (etmopterus perryi), which grows to just over 7 inches, are not available to aquarists. Although they do well with other fish, they will eat smaller fish when hungry. The pale catshark is the second smallest known shark.

They are semiaggressive fish that may set up territories in your tank. It requires a soft sand bottom as the substrate as the belly can easily be scratched by. Supplement their diets with fresh, parboiled vegetables, such as romaine lettuce, zucchini and peas.

The shark reaches a length of 14 inches in the wild, although it will mostly grow to 12 inches in captivity. We want to hear your opinion! Epaulette sharks are one of the more common types of pet sharks.

Tank recommendations the banded cat shark requires at least a 180 gallon or larger aquarium as an adult. These fish are harmless to humans and can fulfill your fantasy of owning a pet shark. Fish tales pottery & pets, herrin, illinois.

(5.0) out of 5 stars. For suggestions of fish, add a type of fish that will not bother the shark and will not be bothered by the shark, such as a harlequin tusk fish,. Bull shark can be found in freshwater but should not be kept as a freshwater fish.

The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome sharks and other fish near me. Lil' fishys mini fish and shark motorized water pet (colors may vary) units per consumer unit: There is the bonnethead shark that is part of hammerhead family that has been successfully kept in captivity, but even then they can get anywhere from 2 to 5 feet, that doesn’t sound very mini to me.

We make it easy to create the perfect underwater community of beautiful pet fish with: Things to remember when feeding your freshwater shark: So some reef fish may work with the shark but you will have to be careful as this is still a predator and has the ability to eat other smaller fish in the tank.

Shop foodie surprise lil fishys mini fish and shark motorized water pet (colors may vary) online at There is no such thing as an extremely small shark species. But never forget that they are sharks, and you should still be cautious and alert when handling and caring for them.

Many of our hand fed banded cat sharks are so comfortable with people that you can pet them. Live or frozen brine shrimp. With their beautiful colors and unique patterns, saltwater fish are an obvious choice for aquatic pet parents who want to showcase their marine centerpiece.

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