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By combining elements of safety and mobility, our products function very well for busy pet families. Wide base prevents tipping over.

Richell 3in1 Convertible Elite Mesh Pet Gate & Pen, 6

The freestanding pet gate comes in four sizes.

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Richell freestanding pet gate tall. Perfect for puppies and small to medium size pets; It's designed to keep your pet confined while you move freely about. Low enough to confine your pet but not you;

Available in different colors and sizes; Richell freestanding pet gate hl is 7.5 inches taller than the original wooden freestanding gate. Deluxe freestanding pet gate w/door

Perfect for use in any home space. Fits openings 28.3” to 47.2” wide, plus an extra 7.5” height for households with bigger pets; Designed to fit doorway or hallway openings from 39.4 to 70.9 wide 7.5 higher than the original freestanding pet gate

The wood and metal design gives it a classy and functional feel. The door handle allows you to open the wooden door in either direction with the touch of one button! Richell freestanding pet gate hl is 7.5 taller than the original wooden freestanding gate.

Richell freestanding pet gate | dog gate. The side panels keep the. Fits doorway and hallway openings 26.4 inches to 40.2 inches.

Richell freestanding wood dog gate This can add strength to the gate to prevent it from falling over when pushed hard by dogs. Convertible elite pet gate comes in two heights;

This foldable pet gate is easy to use in any location. Rubber feet protect floor surfaces and prevent the unit from sliding, while side panels fold in for easy storage or transport; Amish handcrafted 20 tall wooden freestanding pet gate.

The gate includes a door panel to help you pass through the opening with ease without having to move the entire gate. 4 panel wire mesh pet gate & crate. The side panels keep the gate from tipping over and rubber feet to keep gate from sliding on hard surfaces.

This wooden freestanding safety gate is low enough for adults to step over while keeping your fur babies where you want them. A freestanding pet gate is ideal because it can set up and be taken down easily. When folded, it would also be reasonable to travel with.

Side panels are designed to keep the gate from tipping over, plus the rubber feet keep it from sliding. Buy richell freestanding pet gate at! Side panels fold back for easy storage or transport.

There are indeed so many things to love about this pet gate. Richell wood freestanding pet gate. 6 panel convertible pet gate — regular price $ 249.99 + richell usa.

The hs or “high small” is the size that i reviewed. Design prevents it from tipping over; The side panels add additional stability without encroaching on room space.

When flat, the gate is just a couple of inches thick so i can easily slide it between my couch and the wall for storage. View it on 6. The richell high small freestanding pet gate hs, is built extra tall, with an additional 7.5 inches of height for bigger dogs.

Small free standing pet gate | richell model r94135 & r94156 the small free standing pet gate is a beautifully crafted wood and wire gate that will enhance any home's interior. Richell usa's pet products are all about quality, style and function. Imagine this beautiful pet gate in your home, or several!

Rubber feet protect floor surfaces. Place it anywhere you need it, any time. The wooden freestanding dog gate is low enough to step over and keep your pet where you want them.

The side panels prevent the. It can be used for blocking access through a hallway, doorway, or entryway. The best bonus yet is the specially designed side panel that adjusts in increments of 10 degrees to allow for more set.

Richell's convertible elite pet gate can convert to a pen, freestanding gate, or a room divider as your pet grows. Each product is designed and manufactured to provide a comfortable solution to a pet’s needs. Richell's new premium plus freestanding pet gate with door fits doorway and hallway openings from 34 to 63 wide.

Supports fold back for easy storage; Richell's new premium plus freestanding pet gate with door fits doorway and hallway openings from 34 to 63 wide. The side panels keep the gate from tipping over and rubber feet to keep gate from sliding on hard surfaces.

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