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This cute little primate is settling into her new home in the uk after she was rescued from an illegal pet store. Even so, their populations around the world are declining due to poaching, hunting and exotic animal trade and as such, they are considered.

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It is a fact that cuteness is one of the most important factors that people look for in a pet.


Slow loris pet for sale. It is notoriously difficult to breed lorises in captivity. If you don’t take it to a vet, you will have a very dead slow loris pet. With large, soulful eyes and a shy nature, these nocturnal members of the primate family are found in south and southeast asia.

If your slow loris pet gets sick, you can’t take it to a vet unless you are a zoo with a proper license. It’s not hard to see why these are so popular; They are one of the only mammals in the world to have a toxic bite.

It is home raised and human friendly. Slow loris is pretty in looks and it is home raised, loves eating insects. People look into their back yards, see a wild iguana, clown fish, slow loris.

The masarang hk team the sunda slow loris (nycticebus coucang) or greater slow loris is a strepsirrhine primate and a species of slow loris native to indonesia, west malaysia, southern thailand and measures 27 to 38 cm (11 to 15 in) from head to tail and weighs between 599 and 685 g (21.1 and 24.2 oz). Poachers remove the animal’s teeth either before taking them to the market, or at the point of sale at the buyer’s. Mysterious and exotic, the slow loris is an undeniably adorable creature that is sadly becoming endangered in the wild.

It is generally licensed, vet checked. Which leads up to another good point: 5 out of 5 stars.

Though the laws are stringent, illegal trade of slow lorises is still going on. The only reason the loris isn't biting the person holding it in the video is because it has had its teeth ripped out with pliers, said chris shepherd of traffic southeast asia, which campaigns against the illegal sale of primates. The pygmy slow loris is found in the tropical dry forests of vietnam and laos, as well as parts of china and cambodia.

However, it is not wise to keep a slow loris as a pet, due to the above said reasons. Their trade is prohibited and cannot be kept as pets. See more ideas about slow loris, loris, cute animals.

You might have come across some online advertisements stating slow loris for sale. The first slow loris video, of a slow loris being tickled, went viral in 2009, and several, including the video of a slow loris eating a rice ball and another with an umbrellahave gone viral. Nora, the baby slow loris, had been snatched from her mother and put up for sale.

To run a successful loris breeding programme you would need an immense knowledge of loris ecology and also suitable facilities for breeding, a pet shop environment simply cannot provide such things. It weighs about 2 kilograms. Pangolin (the list goes on and on), take them from the wild, stuff them in a box and take them to someone who will rip their teeth out, smuggle them out of the country in an unventilated lorry full of rugs and sell them on to someone who will sell them on to someone with cash to spend on a ‘super cute new best friend’.

It sleeps all day, it smells worse than a whole box of rotten eggs and on top. Search for the slow loris on youtube, and thousands of videos will pop up of people tickling their pet loris and giving them props to hold. The slow loris for sale is a primate found in south and southeast asia with a round head, narrow snout and large eyes.

The toxin is produced by licking a gland on their arm, and the secretion mixes with their saliva to. Illegal online sellers of these endangered primates remove the loris' teeth before the sale as pets and they often do so with nail clippers or wire cutters — and without anesthesia. The slow loris in indonesia is in serious danger of extinction and the greatest threats to its survival are habitat loss and the illegal trade in wildlife.

Now for the really good bit(e)s If you get any information about such illegal practices, please inform the concerned authorities. The maine coon can make the best exotic pets to own ever, it is home raised and well trained with a care panel, vet checked, pet licence and a travel licence.

In that way, a slow loris can be ideal as a pet. 5 of 1990 that stipulates the protection of natural and biological resources and their ecosystem. It is home raised, vet checked, has pet passport.

How is slow loris as a pet. Unless the vet is operating out of a van in an alley, the vet will seize your slow loris pet and you can be hit with up to $5000 in fines depending on the laws in your country. Slow loris or nycticebus coucang is native to indonesia and listed as endangered by law no.

Slow loris is pretty in looks and it is home raised, loves eating insects. All types of slow loris produce a toxic substance that they can comb over their bodies before biting or clawing a predator in self defense. Its huge brown eyes and soft fur make this small nocturnal primate highly prized as a pet and the victim of an online craze created by videos on the internet.

Defying indonesian law, slow lorises are being sold openly in jakarta markets for the underground pet trade, according to wildlife trade monitoring group traffic. Please take a moment to watch this video from: The folkmanis® slow loris puppet is a perfect partner for conservation education.

This kinkajou is playful, generally quiet, docile, and have little odor. See more ideas about slow loris, cute animals, animals beautiful.

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